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Hidden Arx Speaker


Look, Incredible Sound

Passive DML HiFi speakers for in-wall and in-ceiling drywall installation, accompanied by our own tweeters, for integration with 3-rd party subwoofers and amplifiers.


Truly invisible in-wall or in-ceiling DML audiophile speakers, made especially for architects and sound integrators, turning any space into a 360-degrees acoustic chamber.

Brilliant Sound 
for Interiors

HIDDEN ARX speakers feature the same high-end sound characteristics of our premium EVO’s, but are specially designed to be built into any dry-wall or -ceiling construction, and be plastered and painted over, without loosing our signatory sound quality.

Hidden ARX Invisible Speakers
For Sound Integrators
Our HIDDEN ARX passive audiophile DML speakers - with additional own tweeters - work with any home or commercial sound system, equipped with any high quality 3-rd party receivers and subwoofers.
Hidden Arx Speaker 360 Audio

360° Audio

HIDDEN ARX speakers produce highly intelligible, pristine 360-degree sound, supported by external bass woofers.

Bespoke sound systems based around HIDDEN ARX speakers produce a room-filling sound across a full frequency range, featuring high homogeneity of the sound field, which sounds amazing from every angle, balanced at any volume.

High-level combination of true invisibility and next generation acoustic technology, built to last.

HIDDEN ARX speakers create absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity.

Hidden Arx Speaker

Swiss, Smart and Sustainable

Swiss quality, hand-crafted sound systems made from sustainable materials, changing the laws of physics.

An only 4mm thin layer of sustainable, recycled cardboard, held in ultra-thin frames of recycled stainless steel, uses sophisticated micro vibrations to generate digital sound, covered with any final coating for your wall or ceiling such as paint and cement putty.


HIDDEN ARX speakers can be completely incorporated into your architectural design, cleverly utilising a setup with multiple speakers, to deliver a concert-like perception of singer and instruments.

This is why we call it Architectural or Invisible Audio: Installed into the wall or ceiling and then finished over with the surrounding surface, our invisible speakers deliver ambient music that emanates throughout the space with no visual footprint. These are truly invisible audiophile loudspeakers made for system integrators, architects and interior designers.

Hidden Arx Speaker


Studio-quality and home-friendly, HIDDEN ARX speakers are capable of delivering pristine, natural sound that will leave you speechless. They offer superior, much wider and more uniform sound coverage of the all spaces in the house: Everybody can hear the same top-quality sound, no matter where they are inside.


HIDDEN ARX speakers enable architects and interior designers to choose between visible and/or totally invisible speakers, or a combination of both, with no difference in sound quality.

Hidden Arx Speaker

Office and 
Commercial Spaces

HIDDEN ARX speakers offer an enormous increase of speech intelligibility in acoustically problematic spaces (offices, airports, sport arenas, churches etc.).


You will finally be able to hear what that friendly lady from those airport speakers tells you, no matter where you are, and not miss your flight. HIDDEN SOUND’s DML technology blasts true 360° room-filling sound to fill the entire room with amazing intelligibility.

Hidden Arx Speaker


For situations when you want truly invisible loudspeakers for your interior design concept, but refuse to compromise on sound quality in your retail space, hotel, restaurant or cafe.


HIDDEN ARX speakers deliver fantastic sound in an incredibly discreet package, bringing unprecedented performance power and price affordability to architectural installations, usually complemented with some of our visible speakers for a perfect visual experience.

Clubs and
Concert Spaces

HIDDEN ARX speakers are the first truly omnidirectional sound sources across a full frequency range, producing high homogeneity of the sound field and the same top-quality sound everywhere and for everybody in the space, delivering precision sound for sophisticated listening.


HIDDEN ARX speakers bring listeners and performers truly together with brilliant audiophile sound, if you carefully connect them with your mixer, following instructions for club usage.

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