HIDDEN ECO Sound System

Active digital sound set, made of two 8mm thin, super-light, smartphone sized Hi-Fi DML speakers, powered by a compact subwoofer with an integrated smart DSP amplifier.


Brilliant Sound

Perfect for small spaces, HIDDEN ECO speakers ensure that you can have fantastic sound everywhere. Don’t let the compact size fool you, it means business, supported by its powerful woofer.

The digital HIDDEN ECO SOUND system plays straight from the box with your smartphone or TV via Bluetooth, or even with your CD player, mixer, or a record player with an added pre-amp.

360° Audio

HIDDEN SOUND changes the way people listen forever, featuring never before experienced omnidirectional sound.

Room-filling sound across a full frequency range, featuring a high homogeneity of the sound field, that sounds amazing from every angle, balanced at any volume.

Ecology of High Fidelity.

The perfect combination of compact form and next generation acoustic technology, built to last. 

HIDDEN ECO creates absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity.

Trees and Cliff

Swiss, Smart and Sustainable.

Swiss quality, hand-crafted sound systems made from sustainable materials, changing the laws of physics.

An only 4mm thin first layer of sustainable balsa wood, harvested from reforested plantations, uses sophisticated micro vibrations to generate digital sound, covered by a uniquely engineered second layer of 4mm thin acoustic foam.

Held in minimalistic 8mm thin frames with an incorporated tabletop / bookshelf stand, created from machined, hard coat anodised, recycled 


Through their pared-back aesthetic and material palette, HIDDEN SOUND speakers celebrate the timeless, essentialist design ethos of Bauhaus design, with extremely scaled-down proportions that are intended to fit comfortably in contemporary living spaces.

HIDDEN SOUND delivers a total democratisation of audiophile sound, thanks to its paradigm-shifting innovative technology and production process, enabling unprecedented affordability of high-end HiFi.


Hidden ECO's driver for big sound and audiophile bass extension.

We packed some strong punch with our elegant digital subwoofer, run by our custom developed amplifiers with DSP software, supporting the studio quality precision and performance of those lean HIDDEN ECO speakers in every detail.


Just plug the two speakers' cables in the CUBE’s back, connect via Bluetooth on your device and press play.

Why Choose

Brilliant  Sound

Natural, perfectly balanced 360° studio quality sound, with sonic attention to detail which is no less than impressive.

Easy to Use

Plug and play in no time, via Bluetooth or RCA cable. No equalization needed thanks to HIDDEN SOUND's DSP software.


Arguably best offer on the market for comparable sound quality, thanks to innovative DML and DSP technologies.

Iconic Design

Uniquely thin speakers in minimal geometric design, bringing iconic, timeless works of modern art to your home.

Hidden Sound