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Hidden Sound x Bar Basso Negroni Sbagliato 55th Anniversary Edition

MILANO SALONE 2023 / LIMITED EDITION Exclusive, signed, limited edition of 55 Hidden ECO Sets, celebrating 55 years of the Negroni Sbagliato at Bar Basso, offered for CHF 1300.00 excl. VAT and shipping, for a limited time only.

During the next Salone del Mobile, April 2023, the new edition of the Italian Design Museum, directed by Marco Sammicheli, will be inaugurated at the Milan Triennale. The Museum, founded in 2007, has seen editions curated by Andrea Branzi, Fabio Novembre and other illustrious architects and authors, featuring around 1600 objects that represent the best of Design, with the ambition of placing them in a context, i.e. in relation to lifestyle, our everyday life.

Precisely for this reason, the iconic “Bicchierone del Bar Basso” (Bar Basso Negroni Sbagliato Goblet), created in the late 60s by the barman Mirko Stocchetto, the inventor of the extremely popular Negroni Sbagliato cocktail, was invited to be part of it, to introduce an object designed with a specific function, but which also wants to amaze and intrigue, thus consecrating a Milanese ritual: the aperitivo - a habit appreciated all over the world.

To celebrate the event and at the same time the 55th birthday of the Negroni Sbagliato, Hidden Sound has developed an Anniversary Limited Edition aptly named 55, the age of the Negroni Sbagliato, hand-made in only 55 sets, which will be exhibited at the Bar Basso during the week of the Salone.

The Hidden Sound Eco Sets, featuring the thinnest speakers in the world and unprecedented true 360 degrees sound, thanks to its revolutionary DML technology, and minimal, Bauhaus informed design, will broadcast a Spotify playlist featuring the sound of 24 hours at Bar Basso -

Happy listening - Stay tuned.

The delivery of owners‘ certificates to only 55 lucky collectors in person, signed by Maurizio Stocchetto, will be - when else - during Milano Salone on Monday, April 20th at a Cocktail Party from 19:00-21h - where else - at Bar Basso, serving - what else - Negroni Sbagliato.

The lucky buyers will get their sets delivered in two to four weeks after the Milano premiere, shipped from Zürich, by Hidden Sound GmbH, to their address.


HIDDEN’s mission is to make Swiss HiFi audiophile SOUND of tomorrow affordable to everyone today, by means of revolutionary technology and design.

HIDDEN is reinventing HiFi SOUND with the world’s thinnest, revolutionary audiophile speakers. Creating absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity.

Cocktail Party, Thursday, April 20th 2023 from 19h -21h, at Bar Basso, Via Plinio, 39, 20133 Milano, IT.

Visiting time during the Milano Salone, to see and hear the Bar Basso x Hidden Sound Negroni Sbagliato 55th Anniversary Edition ECO Sets: From Monday, April 17th to Friday 21st 2023, 15h to 18h at Bar Basso.



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