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HIDDEN @ designboom

Hidden Sound got exclusive coverage in leading global design and lifestyle media, on July 16 2022 in

"Super thin speakers ‘hidden sound’ produce hifi audio for a 360-degree sound experience"

"When Igor Radojević, Vesna Jelovac, and Jovan Jelovac thought of curating a sound experience, the idea of creating HiFi-producing speaker design came to mind. They spent five years materializing the concept, driven by experience, research, and attention to the materials used for both the speakers’ sound and built. During Milan Design Week 2022, the trio and their team introduced Hidden Sound, a series of thin speakers that aims to reinvent Hi-Fi sound for audiophiles. Designed by sound forms the philosophy of the team, and it guided their direction to unveiling two devices, Hidden EVO and Hidden ECO. "


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