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HIDDEN Launch @ Milano Fuorisalone

After five years of development, the paradigm shifting HIDDEN SOUND range, produced by Brand New World in Zürich, will be launched at this year’s Fuorisalone in Milano.

HIDDEN recognised the need for a digital sound system that could deliver unsurpassed performance combined with minimal visual intrusion, based on

the innovative DML technology.

HIDDEN’s mission is to make Swiss audiophile sound of tomorrow affordable to everyone today, by means of revolutionary technology and design.

HIDDEN is reinventing HiFi sound with the world’s thinnest, revolutionary audiophile speakers.

Creating absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity.

My First Hidden Sound Hidden makes no ad campaigns. But we make amazing sound. So we love to capture the first moment when music lovers hear HIDDEN’s sound. Become part of the HIDDEN Milano experience at #myfirsthiddensound.

Welcome to Moroso, Via Pontaccio 8, Brera, Milano. HIDDEN has the incredible honour to be part of Studio Urquiola’s installation “More than Reels”. Every day from 15:00 - 18:00, June 6 - 12 2022, we’ll wait for you in the Moroso Showroom in Brera, to capture your first Hidden Sound moment. Become part of the HIDDEN Milano experience at #myfirsthiddensound

Press Invitation: Press Preview with Aperitivo at Bar Basso, via Plinio 39, Milano on Monday, June 6th 2022, 18:00h

HIDDEN EVO’s are available for hearing during regular opening hours from June 3 - 13 2022, also at Bar Basso, Via Plinio 39, Milano.

Designed By Sound

Both HIDDEN EVO’s and ECO’s are Swiss quality, hand-crafted sound systems made from sustainable materials, changing the laws of physics. An only 4mm thin first layer of sustainable balsa wood, harvested from reforested plantations, uses sophisticated micro vibrations to generate digital sound, covered by an uniquely engineered second layer of 4mm thin acoustic foam.

Held in minimalistic 8mm thin frames with an incorporated tabletop / bookshelf stand, created from machined, hard coat anodized, recycled aluminum. The speakers can be accompanied by accessories including floor-, wall- and ceiling-stands, with integrated cable management.

Through their pared-back aesthetic and material palette, HIDDEN speakers celebrate the timeless, essentialist design ethos of Bauhaus icons. Featuring extremely scaled-down proportions that are intended to make the sound system fit more comfortably in contemporary living spaces.

The family of two speakers ranges in size of a smartphone from the small HIDDEN ECO’s, which weigh around 100 grams, and the HIDDEN EVO’s, which weigh around 200 grams, resembling in size and appearance an A4 piece of paper.

Each set features its respective system driver with the HIDDEN CUBE, differing in size and power output, with bass cones oriented either frontally or upwards, responding to variable room volumes and sizes, as well as musical preferences, informed by choices between classical music or hip hop, for example.

Lean Looks, Big Sound

HIDDEN creates sound the way Nikola Tesla described it best: “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

HIDDEN features ground-breaking intelligibility and crystal clarity of sound, thanks to the award winning DML Technology.

While HIDDEN’s aesthetic is meant to be quiet, its sound is not. The HIDDEN speakers produce highly intelligible, pristine 360-degree sound, as omnidirectional as the six-inch bass woofers, with low frequencies sent out through the top of the HIDDEN Cube.

HIDDEN speakers produce truly omnidirectional sound across a full frequency range, featuring a high homogeneity of the sound field.

Connected by cables between the cube and the speakers, the HIDDEN sets also feature the latest Bluetooth wireless technology to enable multi-room functionality, sets pairing and wireless streaming, played with one click via Bluetooth from your Smartphone, CD player, mixer or TV, TV, and even from your classic stereo record player with a DAC. Users will soon be able to tailor equalisation levels and other settings using a HIDDEN app.

HIDDEN SOUND encapsulates the perfect combination of minimalist form and next generation acoustic technology tuned to perfection and built to last. Informed by legends of design, such as Dieter Rams, who famously stated that constant design innovation is less important than focusing on the development of simple products that are made to last, challenging the mode of overconsumption.

This is specifically underlined with HIDDEN SOUND’s price accessibility, with the ECO’s starting from EUR 1000 net for a set, and the EVO’s from EUR 1750 net. Signifying a total democratization of high-end sound, thanks to its paradigm shifting technology and production process, enabling unprecedented affordability of HiFi. Company Info: HIDDEN SOUND is designed and produced in Switzerland, by Brand New World AG, Lessingstrasse 15, 8008 Zürich. Engineered by Igor Radojević Designed by Mirko Messner - Lead Product Designer, Igor Radojević – Lead Sound and System Designer, Jovan Jelovac – Lead Art Director Communication by Vesna Jelovac Branding, Digital and Graphic Design: Jovan Jelovac – Lead Branding and Narrative, Vesna Jelovac – Lead Digital and Strategy, Milan Dragić and Biljana Bilaković – Lead Communication and Identity Design, Dragiša Čubranović – Lead 3D and Graphic Design, Desanka Belančić – Lead Copy Photo by Vladimir Miladinović

Founded in Zürich, Switzerland, by Igor Radojević, Vesna Jelovac and Jovan Jelovac, designed by sound.

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