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Join us @ London Design Festival

Exclusive UK Premiere of Hidden Sound at the LDF 2022

After five years of development, the paradigm shifting HIDDEN SOUND range, produced by Brand New World in Zürich, Switzerland, will be launched in the UK at this year’s London Design Festival at the beautiful Moroso showroom in Clerkenwell.

HIDDEN SOUND recognised the need for a digital sound system that could deliver unsurpassed performance combined with minimal intrusion, based on the innovative DML technology.

HIDDEN’s mission is to make Swiss audiophile sound of tomorrow affordable to everyone today, by means of revolutionary technology and design.

HIDDEN is reinventing HiFi sound with the world’s thinnest, revolutionary audiophile speakers. Creating absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity.

We make no ad campaigns. But we make amazing sound.

We love to capture the first moment when music lovers hear HIDDEN’s sound. Become part of the HIDDEN SOUND London experience at #myfirsthiddensound.

Visiting time during London Design Festival:

From Tuesday, September 20th to Friday, September 23rd,

from 15h to 18h PM

at Moroso, 7-15 Rosebery Avenue, Clerkenwell, London EC1R-4SP

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