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  • Find Hidden Sound in Milano during the FuoriSalone 2023

    After a momentous global launch at the FuoriSalone 2022, Hidden Sound returns this year to Milan with not less than four outstanding, carefully elaborated collaborations. We are honoured to provide the soundscapes for Bar Basso, Moroso, Diesel with Moroso and Teatro Albers, featuring exiting playlists and musical collaborations played exclusively on our cutting edge Hidden ECO and EVO sets. This years FuoriSalone marks the launch of our first limited edition series, with - whom else - the epitomisation of design in Milano itself - Bar Basso. To celebrate the 55th birthday of the Negroni Sbagliato, Hidden Sound has developed an Anniversary Limited Edition, hand-made in only 55 sets, which will be exhibited at Bar Basso, where we will broadcast our playlist featuring the sound of 24 hours at Bar Basso. The delivery of owners’ certificates to only 55 lucky collectors in person, signed by Maurizio Stocchetto, will be - when else - during Milano Salone on Thursday, April 20th at a Cocktail Party from 19:00 - where else - at Bar Basso, serving - what else - Negroni Sbagliato. Cocktail - by RSVP only: 20th April, 7 - 9 pm Exhibition - Bar Basso, Via Plinio 39, 16th - 23rd April, during Bar Basso regular opening hours Moroso - Novelties 2023 In the Moroso showroom, the 2023 Novelties by Patricia Urquiola, Zanellato, Bortottto, Ellena Sanguankeo and Front will be presented, in a beautiful as ever installation by Patricia Urquiola. Moroso Showroom, Via Pontaccio 8/10, Brera 18th April, from 10 - 5pm, 19th - 23rd April, from 10 - 8 pm Cocktail Event - by invitation only: 18th April, from 6 – 10 pm Press preview - by invitation only: 16th April, from 3 – 7 pm, 17th April, from 10 - 6 pm Diesel Living with Moroso Pop Up Showroom Moroso and Diesel Living show their eponymous collection this year in a spectacularly designed pop up concept in Via della Spiga 26, featuring a red and black reality. Diesel Showroom, Via della Spiga 26, 18th - 23rd April, from 10 - 8 pm 24th April - 20th May, from 10 - 2pm, and from 3 - 7pm Press preview - by invitation only: 17th April, from 6:30 - 10 pm Teatro Albers Teatro Albers marks the launch of a new collaboration, that has seen the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation invite Ambra Medda’s AMO to interpret and reproduce pieces from the archive in ways that make sense for the present day. Through their teachings and art, Josef and Anni Albers transformed the way people see. Among their most influential beliefs: that experimentation is the object of education, and that you can go anywhere from anywhere. Presented here are works by London-based designer Marco Campardo, and Pisa-based master weaver Laura de Cesare, who have been brought together in recognition of their shared embrace of experimental and process-driven design. Also shown are large-scale woven room dividers, inspired by Anni’s distinctive works created for her 1949 solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. “We’re determined to get living designers to reach back and take historically significant works as a point of departure for future design, forging new boundaries within the field, and creating work relevant to our continuously shifting environments,” says Ambra Medda, co-founder of AMO. Teatro Albers, Teatro Istituto Marcelline Tommaseo, Via Francesco Petrarca, Corner Piazza Tommaseo, Milano 17th – 20th April, from 10 – 5 pm Press preview by invitation only: 16th April, from 2 – 6 pm Check out project dates and opening times:

  • Hidden Sound x Bar Basso Negroni Sbagliato 55th Anniversary Edition

    MILANO SALONE 2023 / LIMITED EDITION Exclusive, signed, limited edition of 55 Hidden ECO Sets, celebrating 55 years of the Negroni Sbagliato at Bar Basso, offered for CHF 1300.00 excl. VAT and shipping, for a limited time only. During the next Salone del Mobile, April 2023, the new edition of the Italian Design Museum, directed by Marco Sammicheli, will be inaugurated at the Milan Triennale. The Museum, founded in 2007, has seen editions curated by Andrea Branzi, Fabio Novembre and other illustrious architects and authors, featuring around 1600 objects that represent the best of Design, with the ambition of placing them in a context, i.e. in relation to lifestyle, our everyday life. Precisely for this reason, the iconic “Bicchierone del Bar Basso” (Bar Basso Negroni Sbagliato Goblet), created in the late 60s by the barman Mirko Stocchetto, the inventor of the extremely popular Negroni Sbagliato cocktail, was invited to be part of it, to introduce an object designed with a specific function, but which also wants to amaze and intrigue, thus consecrating a Milanese ritual: the aperitivo - a habit appreciated all over the world. To celebrate the event and at the same time the 55th birthday of the Negroni Sbagliato, Hidden Sound has developed an Anniversary Limited Edition aptly named 55, the age of the Negroni Sbagliato, hand-made in only 55 sets, which will be exhibited at the Bar Basso during the week of the Salone. The Hidden Sound Eco Sets, featuring the thinnest speakers in the world and unprecedented true 360 degrees sound, thanks to its revolutionary DML technology, and minimal, Bauhaus informed design, will broadcast a Spotify playlist featuring the sound of 24 hours at Bar Basso - HIDDEN SOUND: 24 HOURS OF BAR BASSO 55 Happy listening - Stay tuned. The delivery of owners‘ certificates to only 55 lucky collectors in person, signed by Maurizio Stocchetto, will be - when else - during Milano Salone on Monday, April 20th at a Cocktail Party from 19:00-21h - where else - at Bar Basso, serving - what else - Negroni Sbagliato. The lucky buyers will get their sets delivered in two to four weeks after the Milano premiere, shipped from Zürich, by Hidden Sound GmbH, to their address. DESIGNED BY SOUND / HEARING IS BELIEVING HIDDEN’s mission is to make Swiss HiFi audiophile SOUND of tomorrow affordable to everyone today, by means of revolutionary technology and design. HIDDEN is reinventing HiFi SOUND with the world’s thinnest, revolutionary audiophile speakers. Creating absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity. Cocktail Party, Thursday, April 20th 2023 from 19h -21h, at Bar Basso, Via Plinio, 39, 20133 Milano, IT. Visiting time during the Milano Salone, to see and hear the Bar Basso x Hidden Sound Negroni Sbagliato 55th Anniversary Edition ECO Sets: From Monday, April 17th to Friday 21st 2023, 15h to 18h at Bar Basso.


    ZÜRICH FRIDAY MARCH 24th 2023 / PAAARTTTTTYYYYYY Celebrating the Hidden Sound x Bar Basso Negroni Sbagliato 55th Anniversary Edition The first HIDDEN DISCO of 2023 takes place at the VN RESIDENCY in Zürich, Lessingstrasse 15, celebrating 55 years of the Negroni Sbagliato at Bar Basso, on Friday, March 24th, from 21:00 to 2:00. RSVP essential, limited number of guests, first to come first to serve! The world famous Negroni Sbagliato was invented in 1967, exactly 55 years ago, at the equally iconic Milanese Bar Basso, the epicenter of the international design crowd at the annual Salone del Mobile. Hidden Sound teamed up with Maurizo Stocchetto, Bar Basso’s legendary owner, to drop an anniversary edition of only 55 HIDDEN ECO sets, signed by the grande maestro of Negroni Sbagliato himself, featuring an exclusive print of Bar Basso’s iconic red neon letters street signage on our speakers’ fronts. Get your own limited edition collectors item today. To celebrate this cultural mark and collaboration in Zürich, Maurizio Stocchetto will be stirring in person - what else - Negroni Sbagliato - where else - at the VN RESIDENCY, listening to an exclusive DJ set by - whom else - Rebekah Abdeen.

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  • Company | Hidden Sound

    Reinventing HiFi Sound HIDDEN SOUND’s mission is to make audiophile sound of tomorrow affordable to anyone today, by means of revolutionary technology and design. The Sound Innovation Company HIDDEN’s aesthetic signature arose out of collaboration with Brand New World, creating a distinctive look that integrates cutting edge sonic properties with minimal modernist forms. Founded in Zürich, Switzerland, by Igor Radojević, Vesna Jelovac and Jovan Jelovac, designed by sound. The Most Intelligible Sound of the 21st Century Sustainable, Handcrafted Swiss Quality Handmade technology products are becoming rarer by the day. Audiophile products in large series are increasingly all the same, with serious compromises in quality. Hidden Sound has invested all its time and energy to combine the seemingly impossible: To enable a part of the process to allow for high-tech, perfect industrial series products, which then are painstakingly finalised and fine-tuned in an old fashioned, hand-crafted methodology. Like a precious violin. A Decade of Excellence Based on a decade of experience in sound systems research and development, HIDDEN SOUND combines phenomenal high-fidelity performance with complete multi-channel versatility. Hidden Sound GmbH owns active and pending copyright, industrial designs trade marks, service marks, trade names, trade secret rights, technical information and know-how (and the equivalents of each of the foregoing under the laws of any jurisdiction) in relation to HIDDEN SOUND systems in Switzerland and worldwide. HIDDEN creates sound the way Nikola Tesla described it best: “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” arrow 2011 - Science Working for years on scientific papers on DML, presented in 2011 at the ETRAN conference in Belgrade, Serbia, Igor Radojević starts implementing DML solutions in Serbia and Montenegro, adding the latest global digital development to his own inventor’s equation in form of DSP. icon 2018 - Invisible Speakers In next 7 years until 2018, Igor successfully performs hundreds of commercial B2B installations. He develops the ARX -invisible DML loudspeakers for system integrators – to be built into dry- wall or – ceiling constructions, using other producers’ subwoofers and amplifiers for the system. icon 2019 - Brand New World Discovering its potential for home audio, the Swiss design company Brand New World AG invests into the development, design and production of its first consumer products in 2019. All design, sales and communication concepts are developed and designed by BNW’s creative team in Zürich, Switzerland. icon 2022- Visible Speakers After 3 years of development, in 2022 first two consumer products - HIDDEN ECO and HIDDEN EVO - get developed to market readiness as holistic sound system, followed by the Swiss IP registration and the global launch at the FuoriSalone in Milan in June 2022. HIDDEN HiFi Sound System Designed for Future HIDDEN EVO and ECO mark the birth of first global sound systems combining innovative DML and DSP technologies, featuring an iconic product designed for the new digital lifestyle. All products are designed in Switzerland and made in Serbia, ensuring the best of both worlds for its consumer: a unique combination of high-tech R&D with high-quality, handcrafted craftsmanship - at an affordable price. DML and DSP Technologies • In 1991 UK’s DERA (Defence Evaluation & Research Agency) discovers DML technology for military usage of sound, but only later UK hi-fi companies try to develop it for commercial usage, and fail to launch a successful consumer product. • DML arguably marks the biggest revolution in the 100 years history of loudspeakers. • A DML - Distributed Mode Loudspeaker - is a panel-type speaker which produces sound via vibrational modes propagating across the panel surface. • DML speakers are actuated by sophisticated audio exciters – a type of transducer specifically designed to excite the panel surface. • It uses micro vibrations to generate digital sound, allowing the ultra-thin design of visible, and even invisible, HIDDEN SOUND loudspeakers to be produced with unprecedented lightness, or even built into any dry-wall or -ceiling construction, and be painted over. • The secret of turning DML speakers into an audiophile HiFi system, lays in our unique, signatory DSP (Digital Signal Processing) engineering – the brain of the system – which is built into the HIDDEN CUBE, driving the whole sound system with its speakers.

  • Hidden ECO Sound System

    Order Now HIDDEN ECO Sound System Lean Look, Big Sound Active digital sound set, made of two 8mm thin, super-light, smartphone sized Hi-Fi DML speakers, powered by a compact subwoofer with an integrated smart DSP amplifier. Designed By Sound ECO means SUSTAINABILITY Compact but powerful DML home audiophile speakers, which through magical thinness and cutting-edge 360-degree acoustic innovation, offer a mesmerising listening experience. ECO Ecology of High Fidelity The perfect combination of compact form and next generation acoustic technology, built to last. HIDDEN ECO creates absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity. Order Now Contact us Hidden Sound x Bar Basso Negroni Sbagliato 55th Anniversary Edition Exclusive, signed, limited edition of 55 Hidden ECO Sets , celebrating 55 years of the Negroni Sbagliato at Bar Basso , offered for CHF 1300.00 excl. VAT and shipping, for a limited time only. Order ECO Brilliant Sound Perfect for small spaces, HIDDEN ECO speakers ensure that you can have fantastic sound everywhere. Don’t let the compact size fool you, it means business, supported by its powerful woofer. 360° Audio HIDDEN SOUND changes the way people listen forever, featuring never before experienced omnidirectional sound. Room-filling sound across a full frequency range, featuring a high homogeneity of the sound field, that sounds amazing from every angle, balanced at any volume. Swiss, Smart and Sustainable Swiss quality, hand-crafted sound systems made from sustainable materials, changing the laws of physics. An only 4mm thin first layer of sustainable balsa wood, harvested from reforested plantations, uses sophisticated micro vibrations to generate digital sound, covered by a uniquely engineered second layer of 4mm thin acoustic foam. Held in minimalistic 8mm thin frames with an incorporated tabletop / bookshelf stand, created from machined, hard coat anodised, recycled aluminium. Plug & Play The digital HIDDEN ECO SOUND system plays straight from the box with your smartphone or TV via Bluetooth, or even with your CD player, mixer, or a record player with an added pre-amp. Features Download User Manual Hidden ECO CUBE Hidden ECO's driver for big sound and audiophile bass extension. We packed some strong punch with our elegant digital subwoofer, run by our custom developed amplifiers with DSP software, supporting the studio quality precision and performance of those lean HIDDEN ECO speakers in every detail. Just plug the two speakers' cables in the CUBE’s back, connect via Bluetooth on your device and press play. Affordable & Essential Through their pared-back aesthetic and material palette, HIDDEN SOUND speakers celebrate the timeless, essentialist design ethos of Bauhaus design, with extremely scaled-down proportions that are intended to fit comfortably in contemporary living spaces. HIDDEN SOUND delivers a total democratisation of audiophile sound, thanks to its paradigm-shifting innovative technology and production process, enabling unprecedented affordability of high-end HiFi. Order now Why Choose HIDDEN SOUND Brilliant Sound Natural, perfectly balanced 360° studio quality sound, with sonic attention to detail which is no less than impressive. Easy to Use Plug and play in no time, via Bluetooth or RCA cable. No equalization needed thanks to HIDDEN SOUND's DSP software. Affordable Arguably best offer on the market for comparable sound quality, thanks to innovative DML and DSP technologies. Iconic Design Uniquely thin speakers in minimal geometric design, bringing iconic, timeless works of modern art to your home.

  • Shipping & Returns | Hidden Sound

    Shipping & Returns Shipping Policy Purchase in CH: Standard delivery 6 - 8 weeks after payment receipt, as per Terms and Conditions . Exceptionally, products in stock can be immediately delivered to the address specified by the customer. In any case, a written confirmation with the expected delivery date will be sent to the customer. ​ Hidden Sound GmbH works in close cooperation with its suppliers and the inventory displayed in the online store is automatically adjusted. Should a product nonetheless no longer be available no delivery will follow and BNW may withdraw from the contract. In this case the customer will be fully reimbursed. ​ The goods are delivered from Zürich. The Customer will receive a shipment price at checkout. Domestic shipments are sent by Swiss Post which takes 1 - 2 working-days after receipt by Hidden Sound GmbH from supplier. As soon as the shipment is released we will send you a notification with a tracking number to the email provided in your order. Consignments in Switzerland are generally delivered within two working days (Mon–Fri). In case that you miss to pick-up the order or miss the timeframe given for pick-up, we will have to charge you any additional costs related to the process of returned/undelivered shipments. Please contact us if you expect a problem with the delivery timeframe. There are options to prolong the delivery time or to redirect to another address. We are happy to support you getting your goods delivered as fast and simple as possible. ​ Purchase outside of CH: Standard delivery 6 - 8 weeks after payment receipt, as per Terms and Conditions . Please bear in mind that you will be charged with customs and import tax/duty fees that are based on the full purchase price, including freight. These are charges we cannot prevent. Any additional costs during the import process for customs, clearance and compulsory taxation at the delivery address specified by the customer will be borne by the customer. ​ The specified delivery times outside of CH are to be understood as a reference and cannot be guaranteed by us. Returns Our respect towards beautifully thought out, unique products is high and we encourage a conscious approach to the pleasures of consuming them. We therefore kindly ask you to choose well and order thoughtfully to simplify transactions and support our intentions regarding sustainable commerce within the industry. Please refer to our WARRANTY POLICY link for all details regarding returns.

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