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HIDDEN SOUND’s mission is to make audiophile sound of tomorrow affordable to anyone today, by means of revolutionary technology and design.

HIDDEN SOUND’s mission is to make audiophile sound of tomorrow affordable to anyone today, by means of revolutionary technology and design.

Founded in Zürich, Switzerland,
by Igor Radojević, Vesna Jelovac and Jovan Jelovac, designed by sound.

Hidden Sound Partner-  Igor Radojevic
Hidden Sound Partner-  Vesna Jelovac
Hidden Sound Partner-  Jovan Jelovac
The Most Intelligible Sound of the 21st Century
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Sustainable, Handcrafted Swiss Quality

Handmade technology products are becoming rarer by the day. Audiophile products in large series are increasingly all the same, with serious compromises in quality.

Hidden Sound has invested all its time and energy to combine the seemingly impossible: To enable a part of the process to allow for high-tech, perfect industrial series products, which then are painstakingly finalised and fine-tuned in an old fashioned, hand-crafted methodology. Like a precious violin.

Hidden Sound -  how it is made

A Decade of Excellence

Based on a decade of experience in sound systems research and development, HIDDEN SOUND combines phenomenal high-fidelity performance with complete multi-channel versatility.

Hidden Sound GmbH owns active and pending copyright, industrial designs trade marks, service marks, trade names, trade secret rights, technical information and know-how (and the equivalents of each of the foregoing under the laws of any jurisdiction) in relation to HIDDEN SOUND systems in Switzerland and worldwide.

HIDDEN creates sound the way Nikola Tesla described it best: “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”
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2011 - Science

Working for years on scientific papers on DML, presented in 2011 at the ETRAN conference in Belgrade, Serbia, Igor Radojević starts implementing DML solutions in Serbia and Montenegro, adding the latest global digital development to his own inventor’s equation in form of DSP.

2018 - Invisible Speakers

In next 7 years until 2018, Igor successfully performs hundreds of commercial B2B installations. He develops the ARX -invisible DML loudspeakers for system integrators – to be built into dry- wall or – ceiling constructions, using other producers’ subwoofers and amplifiers for the system.

2019 - Brand New World

Discovering its potential for home audio, the Swiss design company Brand New World AG invests into the development, design and production of its first consumer products in 2019. All design, sales and communication concepts are developed and designed by BNW’s creative team in Zürich, Switzerland.

2022- Visible Speakers

After 3 years of development, in 2022 first two consumer products - HIDDEN ECO and HIDDEN EVO - get developed to market readiness as holistic sound system, followed by the Swiss IP registration and the global launch at the FuoriSalone in Milan in June 2022.

HIDDEN HiFi Sound System

HIDDEN EVO and ECO mark the birth of first global sound systems combining innovative DML and DSP technologies, featuring an iconic product designed for the new digital lifestyle.

All products are designed in Switzerland and made in Serbia, ensuring the best of both worlds for its consumer: a unique combination of high-tech R&D with high-quality, handcrafted craftsmanship - at an affordable price.

• In 1991 UK’s DERA (Defence Evaluation & Research Agency) discovers DML technology for military usage of sound, but only later UK hi-fi companies try to develop it for commercial usage, and fail to launch a successful consumer product.

• DML arguably marks the biggest revolution in the 100 years history of loudspeakers.

• A DML - Distributed Mode Loudspeaker - is a panel-type speaker which produces sound via vibrational modes propagating across the panel surface.

• DML speakers are actuated by sophisticated audio exciters – a type of transducer specifically designed to excite the panel surface.

• It uses micro vibrations to generate digital sound, allowing the ultra-thin design of visible, and even invisible, HIDDEN SOUND loudspeakers to be produced with unprecedented lightness, or even built into any dry-wall or -ceiling construction, and be painted over.

• The secret of turning DML speakers into an audiophile HiFi system, lays in our unique, signatory DSP (Digital Signal Processing) engineering – the brain of the system – which is built into the HIDDEN CUBE, driving the whole sound system with its speakers.

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