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Reinventing HiFi Sound with a revolutionary, audiophile sound set - made of the world’s thinnest, lightest speakers, powered by an elegant yet mind blowing subwoofer with integrated amplifier.



Hidden Evo Sound System standing on the shelf


the World of Audio Forever

Featuring ground-breaking 360-degree intelligibility and crystal clarity of sound, thanks to innovative DML and DSP technologies.

Hidden EVO sound system on sideboard

Revolutionary Audiophile Sound System

Swiss quality hand-crafted sound systems from sustainable materials, changing the laws of physics.

Creating absolutely no listening fatigue, with the depth of emotion of high-fidelity.

Hidden Evo Cube - brain od our sound system, with integrated DSP, subwoofer, amplifier and equilizer.

& Play

The digital HIDDEN SOUND system plays straight from the box with your smartphone or TV via Bluetooth, or even with your CD player, mixer, or a record player with an added pre-amp.

Hidden Evo Sound System's super thin speaker standing on a sideboard

Minimal & Essential

Through their pared-back aesthetic and material palette, HIDDEN SOUND speakers celebrate the timeless, essentialist design ethos of Bauhaus design, with extremely scaled-down proportions that are intended to fit comfortably in contemporary living spaces.

My First
Sound Hashtag

We make no ad campaigns. But we make amazing sound.

We LOVE to capture the first moment when music lovers hear HIDDEN’s SOUND.

Become part of the HIDDEN SOUND
experience at #myfirsthiddensound

my first hidden sound campaign with Anita Hacketal for Hidden Sound Systems


Hidden Sound Systems at Teo-Jakob in Zurich Switzerland

Hoi Schweiz, Hoi Zürich!
Sample your Hidden Sound in our first Swiss shop at Teo Jakob in Zürich now!

Hidden Sound x Bar Basso Negroni Sbagliato 55th Anniversary Edition

Exclusive, signed, limited edition of 55 Hidden ECO Sets, celebrating 55 years of the Negroni Sbagliato at Bar Basso, offered for CHF 1300.00 excl. VAT and shipping, for a limited time only.

Why Choose

Brilliant  Sound

Natural, perfectly balanced 360° studio quality sound, with sonic attention to detail which is no less than impressive.

Easy to Use

Plug and play in no time, via Bluetooth or RCA cable. No equalization needed thanks to HIDDEN SOUND's DSP software.


Arguably best offer on the market for comparable sound quality, thanks to innovative DML and DSP technologies.

Iconic Design

Uniquely thin speakers in minimal geometric design, bringing iconic, timeless works of modern art to your home.

Hidden Eco and Evo Sound System standing next to each other
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