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  • Hidden ECO Sound System Specifications
    Satellite speakers: Innovative DML technology Panel: Sustainable Balsa wood from reforested plantations, covered with custom engineered acoustic foam Acoustic dispersion: 360 degrees Frame: Hard coat anodized recycled aluminium, with integrated sideboard / bookshelf stand DML Actuator: 30 WRMS 8 ohm with RCA connectors Bass unit: Cabinet: Matte dark chrome MDF Custom-made Bass Driver: Nominal impedance 8 ohm; Dimensional category 6 inch; Sensitivity 89.2 dB; Nominal power handling 100W; Max power handling 200W Voice Coil diameter: 1.5 inch Basket Material: Die-cast aluminium Winding Material: Copper Voice Coil Former: Kapton Dome Material: Polypropylene Frequency response 50Hz-16kHz Sensitivity 90 dB/W/m Total RMS power 120 WRMS Do I need an amplifier or receiver to play my HIDDEN SOUND system? A HIDDEN SOUND set is composed of two speakers - satellite units - and one subwoofer with an integrated amplifier - the CUBE unit, which is as concept conceived for the new digital age: It’s made primarily for digital HiFi audiophile home listening - connected via Bluetooth with your smartphone, TV or computer, or alternatively connected by a stereo cinch/RCA audio cable with your laptop / PC. In both cases you don’t need an amplifier or receiver, as its already built into our system.
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth 5.0 APTX Analog in via RCA connectors Wireless connection of two HIDDEN ECO sets in TWS mode possible Important: Any source/user playing the Set’s Bluetooth connection, must first disconnect in order for a new source/user to connect and play! PLUG and PLAY in 5 easy steps: 1. Unpack your HIDDEN SOUND CUBE and PLUG the two HIDDEN SOUND  Speakers’ audio cables into the two black RCA jacks in the HIDDEN SOUND  Cube’s back. 2. Install / screw in the Bluetooth Antenna carefully, be sure to connect the external power supply to the power outlet first, and only then to the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE power jack, and the indicator light on the back panel will light up. Place the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE as centrally as possible in relation to the two satellites, and the satellites as far apart as possible. Try to place all three elements at least 15 cm away from any wall or solid surface, and if possible never in corners. 3. Turn the Bluetooth settings on your Smartphone, TV or PC ON, find HIDDEN ECO or HIDDEN EVO on the list of your devices, and connect it (once connected, no other user can connect to the sound set, until you disconnect from Bluetooth). 4. Find a cool music source on your Smartphone, TV or PC, press PLAY and ENJOY! Just one last thing: 5. Make sure that the audio quality setting on your digital music service provider is always set on HIGH QUALITY. One-click connection: If you use your smartphone, TV or PC with built in Bluetooth capabilities, you simply connect with one click, finding your HIDDEN SOUND set in your Bluetooth settings as “HIDDEN ECO” or “HIDDEN EVO”, and play the sound from your streaming service or music library straight away. If you play the HIDDEN SOUND set with a cable from your laptop, TV or PC, simply press PLAY. All you need to do is to connect an audio cable from your device to the RCA red-and-white jacks, placed on the back panel of the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE. The huge upside is that you will enjoy an audiophile HiFi sound with amazing depth and clarity, from very silent to very loud and everything in-between - without ever losing the sound quality we are so famous for. It’s a real paradigm shift in the world of sound, a true revolution, and you are now part of it! The small downside is that you have to be careful if you use in other ways, for example with old school CD Players and Gramophones / Vinyl Players, or, like our customers who enjoy playing their crystal clear HIDDEN SOUND, through a mixer for parties, as many of them are DJ’s. Connecting HIDDEN SOUND sets to a CD player: HIDDEN SOUND’s ECO and EVO are closed active systems, to which you can connect a CD player ONLY through a PREAMPLIFIER with a volume pot. You connect it with a RCA red-and-white-jack-audio cable from the line out to the RCA red-and-white sockets on the back of the HIDDEN CUBE. You CAN NOT play a HIDDEN SOUND set straight from a CD player, nor from a preamp without a volume pot. Connecting HIDDEN SOUND sets to your gramophone / vinyl player: HIDDEN SOUND’s ECO and EVO are closed active systems, to which you can connect a gramophone / vinyl player ONLY through a RIAA preamplifier, which features a volume pot. A RIAA pre-amplifier is always used between a turntable/gramophone and an amplifier that is not equipped with a RIAA/Phono input, like the HIDDEN SOUND amplifier inside the CUBE. The RIAA standard is set by the Recording Industry Association of America and is a standard for recording and playing vinyl records. The music signal directly from a pickup is incredibly weak and requires both adaptation and additional amplification before being sent into an amplifier. For this, you need a RIAA to get the right sound from your vinyl records. Alternatively, you can connect your gramophone / vinyl player with any HIDDEN SOUND set through a PREAMPLIFIER, which features a PHONO IN line. You connect both options with a RCA red-and-white-jack-audio cable from the line out to the RCA red-and-white audio sockets on the back of the HIDDEN CUBE. You CAN NOT play a HIDDEN SOUND set straight from a gramophone / vinyl player, nor from a preamp without a volume pot. Connecting HIDDEN SOUND sets to your TV: Most smart TV’s come with Bluetooth capabilities, which means they can wirelessly connect to speakers, headphones, hearing aids, and other devices. Connect a HIDDEN Sound set via Bluetooth to your TV to get the most out of your favorite movies! Be sure your HIDDEN SOUND set is ON. From your TV's “Menu” or “Settings”, select “Setup” or “Sound / Audio Devices”, and then select “Bluetooth Setup” or “Sound Output”, depending on TV. *If the option “Bluetooth Setup” or “Bluetooth Speaker List” appears, then your TV supports Bluetooth. If this doesn't match with your TV and you still aren't sure, you can always consult your user manual. As next step navigate to the Bluetooth Setup “Devices” or Bluetooth Audio “Device” list on your TV and select the HIDDEN SOUND set to pair with. The process is slightly different depending on what model of TV you have: 2019, 2018 and 2017 Smart TVs: Home > Settings > Sound > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List 2016 Smart TVs: Home > Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Wireless Speaker Manager > Bluetooth Audio Devices 2015 Smart TVs: MENU > Sound > Additional Settings > TV SoundConnect Or: MENU > Sound > Additional Settings > Bluetooth Audio Nota bene: It is possible that on older TV sets the sound volume can be adjucted using the function “Headphone Volume” only. Kind advice: In order to maximize your personal high fidelity experience, HIDDEN SOUNDS asks you kindly to listen to music from your music streaming providers from your smartphone (and not your TV), as they - as rule - provide a higher audio quality than your TV content providers. Use your HIDDEN SOUND Set in connection with your TV please only for watching movies and TV programs.
  • DJ’s Mixer Usage
    Playing HIDDEN SOUND sets through a mixer: HIDDEN SOUND sets are conceived as closed, active home audio concepts, but, as many of our customers are DJ’s, they asked us how to use their beloved sound at parties and even LIVE performances. We love to share the amazing HIDDEN SOUND with as many music lovers as possible, but there is one DIFFERENCE when connecting a delicate home HiFi system like HIDDEN to a mixer: It needs precise, careful handling, which many experienced users of mixers, connected to the usual, more robust club-speakers, are not used to! Namely, you can’t handle your delicate HIDDEN SOUND system in the same robust way you usually connect your mixer to speakers made for parties and clubs, which are specially built to perform under any input- or output-signal strength from the mixer. This is probably the only downside of the HIDDEN SOUND system we can think of. The downside of those robust club-speakers, on the other hand, is that they can’t deliver the sophisticated high-end audiophile sound our systems can. Is there here a solution to combine the best of both worlds, iE HIDDEN SOUND sets for the most sophisticated sound, and a mixer for professional performances? Of course there is, as many of our DJ-users have proven it: You simply have to connect the two PROPERLY AND CAREFULLY, following our instructions. How do we identify a problem? Too much power and / or incorrect input sourcing from the mixer may provoke the HIDDEN SOUND system to non-perform, or completely shut down. How does that look like? Usually the speakers play the sound correctly on low volume, but when the volume is turned up, the sound distorts heavily or breaks down completely, and rarely, but also possible, the HIDDEN SOUND system shuts down completely and there is no sound at all. What can we do? If a non-performance or shut down occurs in any form after connecting to a mixer, the first step is to check whether there is a problem with the HIDDEN SOUND system itself (1% possible), or with the mixer connection (99% possible). To find this out, the user needs to disconnect the HIDDEN SOUND system from the mixer, and to connect with the HIDDEN SOUND set via Bluetooth, and then play some music. If the HIDDEN SOUND set plays like usually, we know that the problem is in the mixer connection. How do we get the mixer connection right? Easy:) First check the source of the signal, please: Any mixer has several possible signal entries - MIC IN for microphone; INST IN for instruments; LINE IN for audio. To connect to a HIDDEN SOUND set, the sound input on your mixer MUST go through LINE IN only! Be careful, as on many mixers this switch is serviced by a simple power switch, that can easily get pushed in the course of the action! As next step, connect your mixer with the HIDDEN SOUND set through the LINE OUT / MAIN OUT / MONITOR OUT (diff. versions of naming on diff. mixer models) jack. You need a RCI red and white jacks cable for entry into our subwoofer’s back plate, (with red and white RCI jacks), to connect with the built in amplifier. Then check the strength of the signal, please: A) Check the potentiometer on the entry channel which displays the sign “GAIN”. “GAIN” MUST maximally be on HALF VOLUME. B) The volume adjuster on the played channel MUST NOT be pushed all the way up. C) And finally there is a small button on the mixer named PHANTOM POWER. It serves condenser microphones only, and MUST be SWITCHED OFF. Still not working?: If all these steps are taken correctly, and your HIDDEN SOUND set is still not performing correctly, only one more option is possible - the cable signal input from your mixer may be clashing with your Bluetooth signal input from your smartphone. We have namely intentionally not built in a power switch to change between Bluetooth and cable usages, so that our clients don’t have to walk up to the subwoofer unit each time, and physically click on a button, when they wish to change the connection from smartphone to anything connected via cable - such as mixer or CD player / laptop. We have coded our digital amplifier to work both options in parallel, seamlessly, in normal circumstances, as we value our customer’s comfort over anything. This is why we have developed such a simple one-click-concept in the first place. But sometimes even the smartest digital equipment gets confused. So, if this seems to be the case, please simply disconnect the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone settings from your HIDDEN SOUND set, so that the cable connection with your mixer remains the only one. Then reset the HIDDEN SOUND set one more time - and off you go - enjoy the party!
  • Amplification
    HIDDEN Smart Processor Performance: Built in DSP for optimal performance 2.1 Digital Amplifier System ( 2 x 30 WRMS + 60 WRMS) Built in external Antenna 3 dB detachable with SMA connector
  • Installation
    Professional installation Not required. Easy one-click plug-and-play. Home installation Unpack your HIDDEN SOUND set carefully, placing the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE unit preferably on the floor, and not on a wooden cabinet, in order to avoid bass reflections. Connect the power cable to the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE unit on one side, and an electricity socket on the other. Connect the two satellite units to the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE unit via the two provided speakers cables, like any other classic speakers: the metal sides of the speakers cables’ RCA jacks into the two RCA jack units on the back panel of the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE unit, and the plastic side of the speakers’ cables’ RCA jacks into the satellite units’ jacks. In case we delivered speakers’ cables with plastic-only RCA jacks to you, either side works fine anywhere. Screw the supplied Bluetooth-Antenna into its socket on the back panel of the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE unit with radial movements, until you can position the Antenna in a vertically upright position, and it almost can’t get screwed any tighter. Now position the two satellite speaker units on your sideboards, tables or bookshelves, at liking. Try to arrange a large stereo picture, in which the two satellite units are as far from another as possible, with always at least 15cm away from the back wall if possible. Our speakers love to be in the middle of the room, on side tables, central tables etc. Experiment:) Please be careful when you move the satellite speaker units around, as they have cables attached to them and are unusually lightweight for speakers, so you may knock them down much easier than your old school chunky, sturdy speakers’ units. The position of the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE unit with its subwoofer function is not so important, but you need a little bit experimenting around the room to find the best sounding one. You have 5 meter long cables, so play around with the positioning! You will also find a BASS VOLUME pot on the back panel of the HIDDEN CUBE unit, which helps you adjust the strength of your preferred bass signal, adapting it to different music styles. If you use your smartphone, TV or PC wireless to play music, you can simply connect with one click, finding your HIDDEN SOUND set in your Bluetooth settings, and play the music from your streaming service or music library straight away. If you play the HIDDEN SOUND system with a cable from your TV, laptop or PC, connect it with a red- and white-RCA jack cable-end into its corresponding red and white jacks on the back plate of the HIDDEN SOUND CUBE unit, and simply press PLAY. When you listen this way, we could essentially provide you with a life-long guarantee, because each HIDDEN SOUND set is designed in such a revolutionary new way, that basically nothing can break (unlike with conventional sound systems), except if the user physically breaks something on the set or the cables (like with conventional sound systems). Unfortunately, our lawyers allow us a 24-months guarantee only, but you will very soon understand that your HIDDEN SOUND set is basically eternal!
  • Pairing of Two Units
    What if I need to cover a larger space? You can easily connect two HIDDEN SOUND sets, both consisting of two speakers and one CUBE each. Your new integrated sound system will now consist of two CUBE units, of which one will be the master unit and the other a slave unit (with two speakers attached to each), playing the sound from your source connected to the master unit, which in turn seamlessly replicates the sound to the slave unit. They work like one sound source, without any sound delays, distortions or interruptions. Can I pair more than two HIDDEN SOUND systems? No. How far from each other have the two HIDDEN SOUND systems to be? Up to 10 meters, with visual connection between the two HIDDEN CUBE units, and the Bluetooth antennas in the back screwed upright in position. How do I pair two HIDDEN SOUND systems? The back of each HIDDEN CUBE features three black keys - S1, S2 and S3: S1 key - Press 3 seconds into PAIRING mode. Long press 6 seconds to clear the PAIRING info. S1+S3 keys - Press 1 second into PAIRING master mode. S1+S2 keys - Press 1 second into PAIRING slave mode. S2+S3 keys - Press 1 second disconnect PAIRING connection. Step1: Select one of the HIDDEN SOUND CUBES as the MASTER UNIT, the other one as the SLAVE UNIT. Turn the MASTER UNIT ON, while the SLAVE UNIT remains OFF. Use your phone or PC (etc) to search for a new Bluetooth device. The module will appear as “HIDDEN EVO” or “HIDDEN ECO” and then pair it. Step2: After pairing with the MASTER UNIT, turn OFF the phone’s (or any other sound source’s) Bluetooth. Then press the S1 and S2 keys on the MASTER UNIT simultaneously, and release the button after hearing a short beep. Step 3: Now turn the chosen SLAVE UNIT ON, and press the S1 and S3 keys simultaneously and release the button after hearing a short beep. Wait a little, and the two boards will have entered the PAIRING mode. Then turn both the MASTER and SLAVE UNITS OFF. Step 4: Turn ON the phone’s or PC (etc) Bluetooth and re-power both MASTER UNIT and SLAVE UNIT. The MASTER UNIT will then automatically connect to the device on which it was paired, and seamlessly replicate the sound on the SLAVE UNIT.
  • Delivery
    6 - 8 weeks in Europe. Enquire about rest of world.
  • Dimensions
    Size Satellite unit: DxWxH 26x97x175mm Cube unit: DxWxH 240x225x455mm Weight Satellite unit: 100 gr Cube unit: 7 kg
  • Certificates
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